4 Types of Product Packaging Available in the Market Today

There are three types of product packaging available in the market today.

  1. Corrugated boxes

These boxes by are meant to carry heavier products like electronic goods, appliances, fruit and veggies, wine etc. These boxes are used as a bulk shipper that delivers many products in the same box. There are many layers of paper fiber that makes corrugated boxes stronger than other boxes. The bottom layer is called linerboard, the middle layer is called the corrugating medium. The wavy shape in the middle makes the boxes strong. Because of the presence of the wavy shape in the middle, it is called as corrugated. It can also make partitions, bulk bins, furniture, bicycle etc.

  1. Boxboard or paperboard carton

This board is a thin and light weighted carton most commonly used to carry a single item like breakfast cereal, toy and crackers. They don’t have a middle wavy later like the corrugated boxes to add more to the box strength. Other uses for the boxboard are cores and tubes, partitions, graphic boards, and displays. Boxboard or paper board carton also has many non packaging uses like the topmost and bottommost layer found in the gypsum wallboard products and is very commonly used and reused for the arts and crafts items for kids.

  1. Paper bags and sacks

These boxes can be significantly divided into two types: the paper bags that can carry groceries easily and / or related items and the multi wall sacks that can hold flour and cement and can also be used easily for collecting leaves and yard waste and organics or food scraps.

  1. Plastic boxes

Plastic is used in almost every product. Many traditional materials like wood, leather, glass etc. have been replaced by plastic. Plastic box packaging has a lot of advantages where they can be recycled, and durable. Airtight plastic packaging keeps the food quality safe and keeps the contamination at bay. This packaging also never breaks easily and can store food in extreme conditions as well. When using plastic packaging, you can also showcase the product at any angle without opening the packaging. It is also quite flexible, lightweight and looks attractive. Plastic can also be easily recycled and takes less energy to produce more. It is very cost effective as well.

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