Asbestos surveys

There are several types of asbestos surveys that can be conducted to determine the presence of absence of asbestos. The various types of surveys differ in the amount of detail they reveal, how they are carried out, circumstances under which they are required, and who can carry them out. You will need a specialist in asbestos survey and removal to determine what kind of survey you need. Going with the wrong survey could cost you money that you otherwise wouldn’t need to spend. Also, the wrong survey may leave you exposed to risks of exposure because it may not reveal enough details to warrant a removal procedure.

Below are the main types of asbestos surveys you should know about.

Asbestos screening and limited asbestos survey

Asbestos screening is done when there is damaged material in the house that needs repairing because it poses potential danger of exposure to those who live there. During a screening process, the professional will assess ACMs to determine if they are a risk. This is the least comprehensive of all surveys and is often called a transactional survey.

Limited asbestos survey is more comprehensive compared to asbestos screening because it involves more details and process. During this process, the surveyor will need to take samples of materials in the house, which are suspected to be ACMs. The sampling is done in a targeting manner as per the request of the customer. Materials that may be sampled include siding, walls, roofing, paint on the walls, and the floor. The samples are then taken for further analysis in a lab.

Pre-Renovation Asbestos Survey

This kind of survey is usually very comprehensive and is done one building materials. However, it is limited to the path of construction. It may also extend to the materials used in building. A good example where this kind of survey can be done is when renovating one storefront in a strip mall. The storefront is targeted alone while the rest of the building is left untouched. The aim of this survey is to ensure that in case there is ACMs in the storefront, it won’t become airborne and affect people in other rooms within the building. It also ensures that the ACMs don’t get into the environment.

Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey

This is the most comprehensive survey given the details it involves and the items it touches. During this assessment, all facets of a building are surveyed. All materials inside and outside the building are also assessed in detail. All corners and hidden areas are assessed to discover the presence of any ACMs so that it can be removed before demolition begins.

Like in pre-renovation survey, the goal here is to discover and remove ACMs to ensure that asbestos fiber do not become airborne and spread to other places beyond the site of work during demolition.

However, because it is impossible to find all ACMs during the pre-demolition survey, it is possible that some ACMs can still be found during the actual demolition. Thus, it is important to be careful during demolition even if a survey was done beforehand.

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