Essential Tips When Deciding On a Bird Boarding Facility.

Pet owners are always at bit apprehensive when it comes to leaving their beloved bird with a stranger. Birds are not just pets, they are also friends as well and they keep many people happy with their singing, and talking. Many pet owners are unable to go on holiday because they are not sure if they want to leave their bird at a boarding facility. However, many of these burglar boarding facilities provide excellent service, and this gives owners the peace of mind that they need. If this is your first foray into bird boarding, then hopefully the following can help you to make a better choice.

There are a number of professional NSW bird boarding facilities, and in order to be able to differentiate the good ones from the bad, the following tips should help you to make an informed decision.

  • How experienced are they – There is nothing to say that a brand-new facility, won’t be able to provide the necessary care for your bird, but it is always best to deal with a bird boarding service provider that has many years of experience, and numerous positive references. Get as much information as you can from online sources, and from talking to friends.

  • Are they licensed & insured – If your state requires a licence, then make sure that your bird boarding facility has one, and that they have the necessary insurance in place. In the unlikely event that your bird is injured as a result of staying at a bird boarding facility, you want to know that it will receive expert veterinary attention, at no cost to yourself.

  • Will your bird get attention – Someone needs to be checking on your bird at least once a day to make sure that it’s been properly fed and given water, and that the cage has been cleaned. They shall also offer your bird time out of the cage, if this is what it is used to. They need to be able to handle your bird with care, and the necessary attention.

These questions are only a few that you can ask, and there are many more. Ask about things like the kind of food that they give to the birds. Enquire if it’s organic, and if they also offer dry food as well. If your pet has particular tastes, ask if they will allow you to leave food there with them.

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