Live betting strategy you should never ignore

So you have decided that live betting is the way to go for you, right? That is a good choice, but you will need to equip yourself with all the knowledge and tips you can get your hand on to become a success story in the world of betting in the long term. The thing with live betting is that you have to make a lot of decisions within a split second. You can make a lot of money in a split second, but you can also lose all your bankroll even faster.

The tricks and tips that this article presents will help you to navigate the narrow corridors of live betting without taking on too much damage to your bankroll.

Start with a pre-game bet

If you want to succeed at live betting, you need to do a lot of research on every game you decide to bet on. Your research should allow you to place a pre-game bet that you can then improve upon when the game kicks off. Placing a pre-game bet implies that you have done a lot of homework on the game and are ready to improve on it. Most seasoned live bettors usually start their live betting activities with a pre-game bet.

You should know that placing a pre-game bet is not a mandatory requirement for success in live betting. Pre-game bets give you more options going into the game that you would otherwise not have access to. When you have a pre-game bet, you can easily salvage a bet that is not going your way or press on a game that is going according to your plans.

Know your limits

Like it is with everything else, it is important that you know your limit when it comes to live betting. Live bets proceed at a very fast pace and that can always carry you away if you don’t have a handle on things. To be on the safe side, as you place your live bets, you need to maintain a close track on just how much action is on the line in your betting account. You should keep a tally of the amount of money you have wagered at any given time. You can use a spreadsheet or even a pen and a piece of paper.

You can keep track of your action using the methods given above if you choose not to use the figures that your online sportsbook gives you.

Capitalize on bad lines

You have probably heard of something called bad lines. Bad lines are exaggerated odds that sportsbooks provide due to errors made by their computer systems. These errors usually happen when the odds given on a given event do not match with the probability of the event happening. These kinds of lines don’t happen every day on esport betting, but if you look closely, you can find them with a fair level of frequency. Sportsbooks will always correct any bad lines as soon as they identify them.

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