What to know regarding Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet

Before going for the ledger live 中文, you should know more about the other ledger hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S having to ensure that your crypto currency is securely stored is one of the aspects that is very important that you have to consider when having to deal with the crypto world. There are various ways of having to deal with ensuring that your crypto is safe with one of the most preferred one being the ledger nano S hardware wallet.

What is a ledger nano S hardware wallet?

The ledger nano S is a type of hardware wallet meant for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other altcoins. Just like the rest of the hardware wallets, it is the one which stores the private keys for the user in a hardware device that is secure, ensuring that they are kept away from criminals’ prying eyes while still having to give the user access that is easy to their cryptocurrencies.

What makes the ledger nano S useful is the combination of having ease of use and high security. It is possible for the users to make quick payments using their digital currency but also, know that, wherever they have stored their coins, it is safe.

Unlike its predecessors, the Nano S can easily be connected to whatever computer using a standard USB cable, thus making it compatible widely with most of the PC, tablet, and laptop. It has an inbuilt OLED screen which makes it to be among the devices which are competitive in the market like the KeepKey and TREZOR. Through the display that is easily readable, users can easily be able to verify transactions, confirming it through pressing the button that is on top of the device.

As per the ledger website, it is wallet that supports about 23 varieties of coins such as Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Most of the other ERC20 tokens, which are tokens that use the Ethereum network, can easily be managed by utilizing the Nano when used together with MyEtherWallet. It is the versatility that makes the Nano S to be considered to be useful for investors and clients who are involved in various cryptocurrencies.

The safety of the Ledger Nano S

While the hardware wallets cannot be considered to be 100% safe, with no solution every being 100% safe, then normally offer the method which is most secure of having to store digital currencies. As with other crypto wallets, the security is considered to be quite important and can be avoided to be more user based through taking the precautions which are necessary and having to follow the protocols in place when utilizing the wallet.

One of the central factors of the security of the wallet is the private key security and the pharse for the wallet recovery. The ledger Nano S utilizes a seed that is 24 words in length for recovering of the private key in case you end up losing your wallet and you have to ensure that you store the seed in a secure and safe place.

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