Why Smoking Shisha is worse than Smoking Cigarettes

Shisha smoking, also referred to as Hubble bubble smoking, Goza smoking, and hookah smoking has become a trendy pursuit among youths and adults. Shisha smokers usually gather in hookah cafes and share the pipe between friends. They consider shisha smoking a relaxing and pleasant experience. According to recent research, as many as forty-four percent believe that shisha smoking is less harmful than cigarette smoking. But a study reveals a shocking truth that smoking shisha, which is also a tobacco product like that of cigarettes, is more dangerous than cigarette smoking.

Many individuals have a notion that the water which is passed through the tobacco makes it safer for them to smoke tobacco, which is a very incorrect notion.This false notion first originated in the fifteenth century when a physician by the name of Hakim Abu Faith intended to make shisha smoking safer.He, therefore, believed that tobacco smoke would be safe; it is filtered, so he designed a small receptacle of water that could pass through the tobacco smoke.However, modern studies revealed that the cold water that is used to filter tobacco smoke by passing through it  does not make it safer

This ancient belief of the 15th-century physician  Hakim Abu Faith combined exotic looking waterpipes and a combination of honey molasses, dried fruit,sweet-smelling tobacco, and a lack of information to educate people about the dangers of shisha smoking and deceptive advertising. However, there is a widerspread awareness about the negative impact of smoking cigarettes on the other hand. It’s no wonder that many young people have been deceived into believing that shisha smoking is safer than its alternate tobacco smoking, which is cigarette smoking.

Some of the reasons why smoking shisha is worse than smoking cigarettes  that  you should be aware of before going to a shisha sale are :

Shisha use has some extra harmful risks

Individuals who often smoke shisha inhale more tobacco smoke than those individuals who inhale cigarette smoke due to the duration of time a  shisha smoking session lasts as one shisha smoking session can last an hour a period which the shisha smokers will have inhaled double the amount of tobacco smoke as compared to that a cigarette smoker would have inhaled.

WHO reported that the smoke that is inhaled into the body in astandard one-hour shisha smoking session is probably equal to one hundred cigarettes or even more. It also claimed that even after the tobacco smoke has been passed through water in the name of filtering this tobacco, the shisha tobacco smoke will still contain high levels of chemicals that will cause cancer.The shisha smoke also probably contains combusted wood or charcoal, which has the probability of increasing the chemicals in the tobacco smoke that can cause heart disease or cause cancer.

Shisha tobacco smoke can contain

  • Up to thirty-six times more carcinogenic tac than that of a cloud of cigarette smoke has
  • Up to fifteen times more carbon monoxide which can cause respiratory diseases
  • Higher levels of nickel, arsenic, and lead.
  • A whole bunch of potent carcinogens and hydrogen cyanide.
  • Nicotine which is a chemical substance that typically causes an addictive effect to the shisha smoker.

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